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Go Direct School of Motoring is one of the fastest growing driving schools in South Wales.

There are always opportunities for people of a professional and supportive nature to join our team of driving instructors 

Our instructor training team offers a high level of training and support through the process of passing the 3 qualifying examinations. 

Franchise packages are available after qualifying as a driving instructor.

About the qualifying examinations:

Part 1 Theory Test (90 mins)

Part 1 is designed to test your knowledge of the Highway Code and other instructional matters 

The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions and a video based Hazard Perception Test. 

Part 2  Driving Examination (60 mins)

The test format is similar to a learner test but longer to allow all set manoeuvres to be completed. 
The test is marked more harshly than a learner test with no more than 6 driving faults allowed.

Part 3 Instructional Ability (60 Mins) 

The candidate is required to provide a client centred driving lesson to one of their pupils. 
The senior examiner sitting in the rear seat will asses the lesson against 3 core competencies.

* Lesson Planning 
* Risk Management 
* Teaching & Learning Strategies 

There will also be a further 17 sub-competencies that fall under assessment too. 

We offer instructor training packages with no large outlay required 

Is it for you?

  • Train around your current work commitments

  • Work when you want to work 

  • Be your own boss 

  • Great earning potential

Contact us for more information.

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